ESA Fall Soccer Clinics


Possession Dribbling- Monday, September 28th

Session will focus on the key components of ball control with feet while maintaining possession and creating best opportunities for player and players’ teammates to maintain possession of the ball. In particular this session will focus on strength of base/balance, body positioning, foot speed and most importantly utilizing vision to find space and support.

Shooting for Power - Monday, October 5th

Session will focus on technical components of shooting with more velocity such as precise impact in relation to body, follow through and keeping compact through the shot. Additional focus will be awareness of space availability to find more shooting opportunities from longer distance.

Receiving and Turns - Monday, October 12th

Session focus will be on receiving ground passes while turning quickly utilizing a variety of techniques to help the player keep close control of the ball while changing direction rapidly and executing quick decision to dribble, pass or shoot. Large amount of focus will be on body position and body preparation.

Bruce Morris

Cost: $20 per player per clinic

Ages: 10 - 14

Where: Elite Sports Academy- 4651 Colebrook Ave. Emmaus

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm


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