ESA Thanksgivining Weekend Soccer Clinics


Attacking 1 v 1 will focus on change of pace and change of direction with ball in possession to improve comfort level of the soccer player to challenge and beat defenders in a variety of situations. Progression of this topic will naturally work toward both assisting or setting up scoring opportunities and individual scoring/finishing as well.  Players will get a chance to play an instructor lead game at the end of the clinic to utilize what they learned.

Shooting/Finishing will focus on technical aspects of power and accuracy created by proper ball striking of soccer ball ground additionally volleys/half volleys around the goal in addition to the awareness and importance of a higher level of anticipation so players can be in the right place at the right time for more scoring opportunities. The last part of the clinic will be an instructor lead game to allow players to utilize the skills they just learned.


Bruce Morris

Cost: $45 per player per clinic

Ages: 10 - 14

Where: Elite Sports Academy- 4651 Colebrook Ave. Emmaus

Dates and Times:


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