NOTE: Due to safety reasons and as a courtesy to other class members, please do not bring children into the turf area during a fitness session.  Classes are for those 16 and older.

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Fitness classes as low as $5 per class when purchasing a fitness package.


ESA Fitness Fall/Winter Class Schedule


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ESA Crunch is an interval training class that includes many different forms of body resistance movements and also involves the use of various weighted objects to help build strength and endurance, such as ropes, kettle bells, hammers, dumbells, ladders and more.  Trainers will creatively design the fitness program to keep the one hour session, fresh, fast-paced and challenging.  Please note that this is an intense class but instructors will show modifications and start at an appropriate level for participants. Duration 60 minutes

HIIT MIX – A fat blasting high intensity workout mixed with various equipment to keep your body guessing. This fast paced workout will combine both cardio and strength moves while keeping the benefit of an extended calorie burn associated with High Intensity Interval Training. In an effort to keep your muscles guessing, each workout will be a unique blend of high intensity moves and challenging strength exercises. Every week we will MIX in some fun by adding gym toys to create an original workout designed to take you to your MAX. Duration 45 - 60 minutes


Total Body Sculpt is a full body shaping class for women and man who are looking to tone up. You will be conditioning from your head to your toes utilizing dumbbells, body bars, and medicine balls and bands to tone and trim for a lean and sculpted body. Each muscle group will get worked separately (chest, back, legs, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs) and by the time the class is over you will have gotten a full body workout. Exercises are created to resemble real weight room exercises - be prepared to feel strong! Duration 45 - 60 minutes