Baseball/Softball Speed, Strength and Agility Training 6 weeks (Tuesday/Thursday)

“Maximizing Potential, Reaching Goals, Proven Results!”

Elite Sports Academy and CW Fitness Inc. are teaming up for an 6- week, 11 session, sports performance training camp. The camp will focus on all pillars of sport performance and athleticism, including, speed, power, strength, core stability, flexibility, joint stability and conditioning, while incorporating baseball/softball skill work.

The athletes will be taught proper movement mechanics, that will safely, and effectively improve their on field/ court performance. The scientific researched training protocols, that are used at the highest levels of sport will be used to help you and your athlete reach your desired goals.

Director: Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS, SPARQ (CW Fitness Owner).


What the Camp will Focus on:

Starts Tuesday, November 5, 2013

$97 for all 11 sessions


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