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Steve Rau: Co-founder-

(Instruction disciplines: Baseball Hitting, Baseball Pitching, Softball Hitting)

Coach Rau has been involved with baseball in the Lehigh Valley as a player or coach for over 30 years. A graduate of Emmaus High School and former pitcher at the University of Pittsburgh and Muhlenberg College, he has been teaching the great game of baseball to players and coaches alike since the age of 15.

His vast playing experiences and coaching background allows him to provide the athletes of Elite Sports Academy with top notch advice and guidance to help them get to the next level. Some of his past coaching positions include Nazareth High School, Allen High School, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and the Allentown Diamondbacks of the Blue Mountain League. With two daughters, Coach Rau has worked with and coached a number of softball teams and has transferred his baseball knowledge over to the softball world.

Coach Rau holds a bachelor's degree in Business and also Information Systems, plus a Masters in Instructional Technology. His background in education has been an important ingredient in understanding the needs of todays student athletes, helping them to grow in their individual sports and lives.

He has specialized in baseball/softball video analysis lessons for both hitting and pitching, analyzing hundreds of players over the last several years using the Right View Pro Video Analysis System.

As the co-founder of ESA, Coach Rau is 100% dedicated to developing the skills of any athlete that walks through the doors of the academy, in the hopes of taking them to the next level.


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Baseball and Softball Instruction


Glenn Kushma- (Instruction Discipline: Baseball and Softball Fielding & Hitting)


Scott Heppenheimer- (Instruction Discipline: Baseball and Softball Fielding & Hitting)

TJ Johnson- (Instruction Discipline: Baseball and Softball Fielding & Hitting; Baseball Pitching)

Darin Medlar- (Instruction disciplines: Baseball/Softball Catching; Baseball/Softball Hitting)

Matt Reppert-
(Instruction Discipline: Baseball Pitching, Baseball Hitting)

Tyler Tocci-
(Instruction Discipline: Baseball and Softball Fielding & Hitting)

Will Fleck- (Instruction Discipline: Baseball Pitching)

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Chris Cope

(Instruction Discipline: Softball Pitching)



Ty Fenstermacher


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