The Elite Sports Academy Facility

Our 9600 square foot facility was designed to meet the training needs of a number of sports. Though much of our business is geared towards baseball, softball, and soccer; other sports such as football, lacrosse, field hockey and cheerleading will find our fully turfed facility ideal for skills and endurance training.

In the diagram below, all dotted lines depict safety netting and the dotted lines with double arrows display retractable nets. SEE OUR LATEST PHOTOS.

Our observation room equipped with FREE Wi-Fi allows parents to watch the action in a quiet, relaxing area with the ability check out all of the offerings of ESA while using one of our complimentary computers.

The ESA video room is where our coaching staff can break down mechanics for the athletes to help them take their game to the next level. For baseball and softball players, video analysis lessons are included with most camps and all multiple lesson packages.

Check out ESA rentals page to choose an affordable training time period for your organization.

ESA Layout